Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 0 - Wellington to Blenheim

Mike, Jonty and Alex (eating Thomas Lindrups arm) at truckers corner
Biked past all the Wellington sevens enthusiasts on way to catch the 1.30 pm ferry to Picton including one amusing the crowd by jumping in naked - I guess it was hot day for Wellington! Passed the journey with son Alex, Jonty Ritchie, Thomas Lindrup plus team Julie and Thomas in "Truckers corner" trading stories of the likely events over the coming week as we took part in the second Kiwi Brevet  -1100 km from Blenheim to Blenheim this time in a clockwise direction through the Molesworth to Hanmer, on to Lees Valley and Wharfedale to Sheffield, Arthurs Pass, Blackball, Waiuta, Reefton, Springs Junction, Ikamatua, Maruia saddle, Murchison, Lake Rotoroa over Porika track to St Arnaud up to Nelson over Mungatapu to Havelock through to Picton and finally round the Port Underwood road to Blenheim with a completion time of 4 to 8 days! All went our separate ways in Blenheim - me to stay with my retired work (NIWA) colleague Basil Stanton who I have biked many 100s of km with over the last 12 years. Carbo loaded with a couple of pints at the Renaisance brewery before returning home to a meal of pasta and off to bed readying myself for the big push to Hanmer ~ 205 km the next day. With hindsight - perhaps I should have drunk less beer and eaten more pasta!

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